Part of having good quality health is maintaining good posture and stretching often throughout the day.

What does your posture look like about now?

Whether you're sitting or standing all day long, being mindful of what your posture looks like is important.

Live Stretching Sessions allow you to join

live and stretch along with us

Log into an On-Demand platform and watch a series of stretching videos.

Benefits Of Good Posture, Stretching

and Stability Exercises

Increase Circulation

Moving around will increase your blood flow in your body, including your brain. This helps to improve cognitive function and makes you feel more energized.

Increase Productivity

Taking regular breaks to stretch can help improve your focus, concentration and reduce stress, which can lead to increased productivity.

Increases Flexibility

Stretching can help to increase flexibility in your muscles and joints, reducing the risk of injury and making it easer to move and perform daily tasks.

Reduces Risk of Injuries

Repetitive motions such as typing or lifting boxes, can lead to strain injuries. Maintaining good posture and stretching often in your day will help prevent you from having injuries from various movements.

The magic happens when you take your mini breaks and stretch your body!

Movement is the key to your long-term health. If you are able to stand up away from your desk, I highly encourage you to do so. Stretching key muscles in your body will help release all of the tension you feel in those muscles.

Join my Stretching Membership, at its Founder's Price, and lock in this price for a lifetime! I will show you how to stretch all of the muscles listed below, in several ways. Each body part will have a different video to demonstrate how to stretch those muscles. The following stretching exercise videos will include all of the muscles groups listed below.



Upper Back

Lower Back


Knees and thighs

Ankles and Feet

Wrists and Hands

This short video is showing you how to stretch your neck muscles. These simple, yet effective stretches, when performed consistently as needed, will make a difference in your day.

Videos in the membership will not be posted on YouTube. In your membership, you will have exclusive access to key stretches that will allow you to view at your own time, as often as you needed.

Click the link below to have access to these exclusive videos.


Full Office Ergonomic Assessment

Free 20 Minute Consultation

Stretching Membership


Live: Stretch with me Online

This is a group coaching session where you log in via zoom and stretch live with me online. You will have access to ask me questions and enjoy our 1-group fun setting. Click the link below to see when the next session will be.

Virtual Office Ergonomic Assessment

You're having pain or discomfort from your desk setup for a reason.

I will tell you why and will show you how to fix it. Sitting in a comfortable posture at your desk is very important and key to your short and long term wellness.

Stretching Membership

This On-Demand program allows you to have all of the stretches at your fingertips. Access this as often as you want, for maximum benefits.

What You Will Learn to Do..

Just a few of the stretches we will do Live & within the Membership.

Seated: Neck Stretches

Seated: Overhead Stretches

Standing: Leg Stretches

Ground: Back and Hamstring

Seated: Shoulders and Chest

Ground: Cat & Cow: Back, Neck, Shoulders

Seated: Wrist Stretches

Standing: Overhead Stretches

Standing: Back and Hamstring

Standing: Wall Stretches Shoulders and Chest


Full Office Ergonomic Assessment

Free 20 Minute Consultation

Stretching Membership

Many more available in Class!

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I scheduled a virtual ergonomic assessment with Sabrina in November after having months of discomfort in my upper back and severe upper neck pain for a couple of weeks. During the virtual meeting, it was obvious that Sabrina had thoroughly reviewed my responses to the questionnaire and the pictures I sent her. She was able to ask follow-up questions and receive some measurements from me so that she could make her recommendations.

She did a great job explaining how my posture should be, where my keyboard and monitor should be placed in relation to where I am sitting. Her recommendation were very practical - offering cost-free or very inexpensive solutions (e.g. placing my monitor on books to make it higher or ordering a keyboard tray from Amazon). Best of all, my neck pain is gone!! Making small tweaks to my desk and having the knowledge of the most ergonomically sound way of sitting and working has truly made a difference! Thank you, Sabrina!

Nour F.

A friend of mine recommended that I reach out to her for a consult on my neck, shoulders and lower back pain. I know that my posture is a great contributor to my on going discomfort.
She immediately pointed out that my monitor is 5 inches lower where it needed to be which was contributing to the strain on my neck and shoulders; my chair was too low and it needed to be elevated and my legs were too far off the end of the seat.

She helped me rearrange my entire work station and had me sit again and experiment with the new settings. I felt the difference almost immediately. Her professionalism, level of caring and gentle approach were truly amazing. Now that I have been in my new work setting for a while, I already feel the difference. Thank you Sabrina.

I strongly endorse her work and highly recommend you give her a try. Your neck and shoulders will thank you!

sONIA a.

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